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Reiki (Usui Teate)

Reiki (Usui Teate)

Reiki (Usui Teate)Reiki is a simple and effective natural healing system. It is a simplified form of spiritual healing that is extremely powerful in over coming problems of mind, body or sprit.

As well as being an effective therapy, it is a simple process to learn and use on yourself, for your friends or clients.

Reiki is broken down into three levels:

Level 1: Self-Healing and Self-development
Level 2: Healing of others
Level 3 (Master): Sufficiently experienced and ready to teach others

The system of Reiki which I teach is called Usui Teate, this combines the modern westernised system of Reiki with the ancient Japanese traditional system. Providing both systems enables each person to then use the energies in the best way for them and with a more full understanding than many other courses provide.Levels 1 and 2 are only a single days training, but people who learn with me are offered lifetime support and Reiki mentorship via phone or email at any time they require it for no extra charge.