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Neals Yard Remedies

Past Life Regression

What are past lives?
Are they real?
 And if so, is it possible to find them for ourselves?


Whether you are positive of your own past life experiences and looking to find out more, or sceptical about the existence of them and looking to explore the concept and theories of Past Lives, this course has something to offer you.  The day is designed to be useful to the already knowledgeable as well as to people that are fresh to the topic.

Past Life RegressionThrough a variety of techniques and exercises, this course enables people to explore the ideas and theories behind Past Lives, whatever there viewpoint at the start.  Working through this day on the theory and exercises will enable the delegates to experience for themselves opportunities to locate at least one past life for themselves, no matter what their own personal beliefs.

Each day is broken down to provide:

  • Theory on what past lives might be

  • Two visualisation regressions

  • Far Memory Reaching for past lives

  • Other indirect approaches.

The day will cover some theory, but is mainly a practically based day in which you are given many opportunities to change the way you act, think and possibly live your life.

The one day workshop runs normally in Birmingham, but can be arranged at other venues around the country if a group of 5 or more is interested.  If you have a specific need or requirement then please provide us with as many details as possible and we will try and match you to a course in your area that will be of use to you.

The cost for the course is just £60

Check the Information page to find the next date for this workshop

Some interesting books on PLR:

Past Lives, Future Lives
This is an excellent book as an introduction to the topic of reincarnation.  It recounts numerous tales from the authors cases as well as many internationally famous examples of spontaneous as well as hypnotically induced regressions.
Many Lives,  Many Masters
Bracket image
These three books are by the same author. All of them chronicle some of the experiences that this Dr has come across in his clinical practice and how they made him change his opinions about past lives
Through Time into healing
Only Love is Real