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Neals Yard Remedies

Crystal Healing Diploma

Crystal healing has been practiced as a medical discipline through out many of histories ancient cultures up to the present day.  The therapy involves theuse of and placement of crystals around or upon the body to rebalance physical, mental or emotional problems.

Crystal Healing is an effective but non-invasive therapy that produces very effective results on all levels: mind, body and spirit.

This indepth year long course will teach you:

  • subtle energies and their effects of many common crystals
  • geology and growth patterns
  • chemical construction of crystals
  • basic anatomy & physiology of the physical and energy bodies
  • how to create holistic healing at many levels
  • The science behind crystal healing
  • Crystal Elixirs and Crystal Infusions
  • Business practice and development

    This accredited course provides a diploma to practice upon completion

Successful completion of the course is based upon a minimum of 80% attendance, course end examination, case studies and two small essays on topics of crystal healing which interest you.

These are some of the more useful books I have read on this topic

The Crystal Bible v1

The 2 Crystal bibles are an essential reference guide to traidtional and more modern crystals for any practitioner.

The Crystal Bible v2
The Encyclopedia of Crystals

The Encyclopaedia of Crystal covers more in-depth crystal profiles than the bibles do - and are an invaluable tool when looking more at the geology and structure of crystals and their use

The Essential Crystal Handbook

The Essential Crystal Handbook is a small pocket sized guide that contains a wealth on in formation - essential for carrying around in your mobile toolkit

Quartz Crystals Quartz Crystals  

Though only a small book it specifically focuses on the structure of quartz crystals -with excellent photographs and line drawings to explain the properties of each formation.

The Crystal Healer The Crystal Healer  

Grouping crystals by colour makes this book a useful way of identifying crystals when you are not sure what they are.  It also ties in well when using the crystals based on chakra colours.

Crystal Chakra Healing Crystal Chakra Healing   This is useful book whether studying crystals or chakras as it combines both systems in an integrated holsitic healing manner.

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