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Neals Yard Remedies

An Introduction to Chakras:
Spiritual Energy Centres

What are chakras? 
What is the importance of them for health and spirituality?
How can we unblock the chakras to release out potential?

Chakras play an important role in the energy flow and concentration within the body.   Whether for interest or to be combined within therapies that you may practice, chakras can hold many keys to unblock our own or our clients potential.

This workshop explores the effect they have upon us, our health and our spiritual selves.

This workshop will explore:

  • theories that surround the topic of chakras

  • identify and explore the 7 main chakras

  • provide information regarding the other minor chakras of the body

  • explore the link between illness and energy.

Via mediation and visualisation we shall look at working with and removing blockages from the charkas and energy body to release illness and past problems from our lives. 

The day will cover some theory, but is mainly a practically based day in which you are given many opportunities to change the way you act, think and possibly live your life.

Check the Information page to find the next date for this workshop