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Body Massage Diploma

Body Massage
This has been accredited by the Guild of Holistic Therapies.   
Further accreditations are currently being established with other organisations.

Entry upon the Body massage course requires an A&P certificate no more than 5 years old or enrolment upon the Anatomy and Physiology course along side the massage training.

We have also have produced an Anatomy and Physiology Diploma course to run along side this for people that do not currently hold a diploma in this area. 

The Body Massage course will be taught over 9 months, attendance will be required for one Saturday per month – though home study and practical sessions are required between each class.

 As well as theory regarding massage and practical sessions and case studies, the course includes information on:

  • Legal aspects of setting up in practice,
  • Insurance,
  • Record keeping,
  • Communication skills,
  • Business management
  • Health and Safety
  • Basic counselling skills.

Assessment of this course takes place via a written theory paper, treatment plan scenarios, practical assessment and completed case studies.   

A minimum attendance of 85% is required for the successful completion of this course.

Successful completion of the course shall award a Diploma in Body Massage.  These will enable you to obtain insurance and practice professionally


Additional Training Modules

Successful completion of the body massage course is a prerequisite for our forth coming modular massage courses.  It is the belief of Natural Self that many massage courses repeat work that you will already have done in passing one certificate - so it can be timely and expensive to learn another therapy in which the majority of the information will be the same.

We therefore have created all of our massage courses based around a core modular system so that upon completion of the body massage course it will be possible for delegates to take additional 3 or 6 month modules to qualify in further massage types and receive an additional Diploma in each.

Additional modules available include:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Swedish Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Remedial Massage
  • Lymph Drainage Massage

 For details of useful anatomy and physiology resources see:   A&P Resources

Check the Information page to find the next date for this training course