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ChiBall™ is a mind-body exercise and wellness programme that is based on the five elements and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood, Water)

A one-hour ChiBall™ class uniquely combines the modalities and theories of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais and Relaxation/Meditation with inspiring music.

ChiBall™ is not only an exercise programme - it is a class that brings holistic wellness of mind, body and spirit by combining movement, focus and directed attention - whilst at the same time providing a fun and entertaining class. Each class provides a wide range of exercises that can be taken at many levels - from slow and relaxing to vigorous and cardiovascular. Each class is individually tailored to the needs of the group and varies each time.

In the class environment we explore a wide range of movements which encourage core strength, weight loss, flexibility and mental focus and development - leading to overall balance and toning. But unlike other classes like yoga or Pilates it does not feel as though you have worked overly hard as you have more fun and enjoy the flow to the music - but you will feel that you have done it a day or so after, and over a period of only a few weeks feel a huge difference in your energy, stamina and flexibility.

Current classes are running in Birmingham, Telford, Halesowen and Bristol. Ask us for more information on the latest classes closest to you as they are constantly changing and being increased in number.

So why not try something different today? Class prices are normally £7.50 each - but for a limited time. Contact us for more information.

Try something new today - get strong, get flexible, get well!

Check the Information page to find the next date for this workshop or take a look at our ChiBall™ Dance of the Dragon page

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